April 21, 2011


I have been slacking on this blog as of late, with so many other things going on (Welcome Wagon Baby Shower, Meet-the-Doula night, the flu, house sitting, the flu again...) but I wanted to take a minute to note some milestones.
Ian is reading!
On his report card he got ALL "consistently demonstrates"
Adam and Ian continue to go to Beavers together, there has been a litter pick up evening, a pirate night, a environment night, and next week there will be a sleepover.

Kai is feeding himself, helping to "clean up," moving chairs to the counter to "help," shaking his head yes and no, following directions, when he wants to, having full out temper tantrums.
Kai can sign milk, sleepy, down, all done, hungry, bath, banana, more, baby, and dirty, kitty.
Kain can say dado baba (thank you), night night, NO, kitty, dirty, blalalala (banana), Nana, bapa (grandpa), Mama, mommy, Dada, and baby.

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