June 30, 2009

My Dear Child ~Mel Cotterill~

My Dear Child,
I do not profess to you that I have all the answers
You will need in this life.
I do not profess to you
That I have any faultless answers at all.

My Dear Child,
I do urge you to find love.
Build bridges,
Many strong and lasting bridges
Between your heart,
and the hearts of others.
Rely on people (though sometimes this proves painful)
And let people rely on you.

My Dear Child
I do urge you to create.
Invent, imagine,
Construct magnificent things.
Things that are your own.
Be proud of your creativity
And let ti come from your very soul.

My Dear Child,
I do beg of you to find respect.
Vaule yourself
And all other living entities.
Consider others. Consider the world
And the impact you have on it.

My Dear Child,
I do urge you to recognize your freedoms.
Use your freedom of speech, of religion, of expression
Freedon to love and so on.
Hold fast to your liberty,
And fight for the independance of others.

My Dear Child,
I do urge you to use opportunity well.
Chose, chose wisely and never have regrets.
Remember that you always have a choice,
Be thankful that
The path you follow is the path you make.

Take care of yourself, My Dear Child,
Your body is your temple.
There is only one of you
You are not replicable
You are special, you are loved.
Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Modeling Clay

4 cups flour
1 cup salt
1 1/2 cups water
food colouring (optional)

Bake Sculptures at 350 for 30 mintues or until light brown.

If you roll this dough out and cut with cookie cutters, and make a hole in the top they make great holliday decorations. We have made them many times.

Navajo Lullaby

The Earth is your Mother,
she holds you.
The Sky is your Father,
he protects you.
We are together always.
We are together always.
There never was a time when this was not so.