June 9, 2013

Molly and the Oak Island Treasure

Almost a year ago we visited Halifax to see the tall ships and one our favorite preforming groups, Maritime Marionettes, preformed Molly and the Oak Island Treasure. Ian and I watched the entire show, captures, but Kai being only 2 and a half at the time, was less than focused on the performance. At the end of the show the puppeteers gave us a recording of the show on tape. We listened to the tape that night and Kai has listened to it almost every night before bed since then. The Maritime Marionettes showed their performance to Kai's favorite show again the weekend, and this time he was captures too.



First Rock Concert

Adam and I have been to a lot of concerts lately. We went to the Jay Smith benefit concert and saw Joel Plaskett Emergency, the Meds, the Stanfields and In-Flight Safety and Gordie Sampson, Matt Andersen, Thom Swift, Dustin Bentall, Carleton Stone and of course MATT MAYS. Then we saw The Stanfields, and Matt Anderson and Old Crow Medicine Show in Wolfville, and THEN we saw the meds and the Trews. Needless to say our little music enthusiast, Ian, was feeling left out and upset that he couldn't see any of his favorite preformers, that is until last night. Ian and Brooks first show was put on the Red Bull tour bus in the Canard center and the main act was his FAVORITE artist; Matt Mays. Our great friend has been doing the sound for the tour bus so we even got the royal treatment; a tour of the bus, meeting some of the Meds and Ian got to meet and request a song from his idol, Matt himself.

Quote of the Day

Ian: "You should see it in there! There are SO many unirals. I'll count them for you when I go back in there!"


Ian: "9, Mommy"
Me: "9 what?"
Ian: "Urinals, mommy! 9 urinals!"

June 1, 2013

Quote of the Day

Kai: "I wish  I had a horsey."
Me: "What would you name your horse?"
Kai: "Gallahatchy"
Me: "Wow, where did you get that name from?"
Kai: "From BC, when I was a adult!"