May 30, 2012

Cotterill Falimy 2012 Summer Bucket list

o Go to a sandcastle contest
Pail Bucket Clip Art

o Swim in a lake

o Go to the ocean

o Eat s’mores

o Finish a chapter book

o Make mud soup

o Make a strawberry truffle

o Make a backyard dare-devil course

o Go to a movie in victoria park

o Have a family BBQ

o Make a water table

o Use the telescope

o Go to the Dutchman’s Cheese Factory

o Make Lemonade

o Have a picnic

o Make a bon fire

o Go to the Anne Swan Meuseum

o Go to the grist mill

o See the Extraordinary Costumes exhibit at the Meuseum of Natural History


o Cook over an open fire

Quote of the Day

Kai: "My bum is frustrating me."

May 24, 2012

Quote of the Day

Kai: "Is that oatmeal for me?"
Me: "Yes."
Kai: "Ohhhh, lovely!"

May 22, 2012

Quote of the Day

Kai went outside without telling me.
Me: "Kai you scared me! I didn't know where you were."
Kai: "No, I did NOT scare you! I did NOT say BOO!"

May 9, 2012

A Perfect Moment Not a Perfect Family

Before you have children you have these grand illusions of what they"ll be like. I remembering being excited to have someone to make crafts with, and thinking when I was expecting my second how we would instill a deep sense of family in our household, so there would be little sibling rivalry... HAHA! That's just not the way it works, AT ALL! However, Ian has been home from school for a week and a half with a cold and there have been a few moments of that perfect parental bliss I dreamed of so long ago. Kai Ian and I sat on my bed together and read an entire Munchworks from cover to cover complete with hysterical giggles and cozy cuddles, it was a perfect moment. It's important for me to remember that even though this journey is nothing like I had anticipated there are those moments when all is right with the world.

Quote of the Day

Kai: "Ohhhh Grandma I like your fork!"