August 31, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Mom can you count to 100" "Yes" "Do it!" "1,2,3,4......100" "Now count to 110!" "101, 102, 103" "NO NO you have to start at 1 again!"

August 30, 2009

Maritime Marionettes

This amazing duo builds all their own puppets and props. Ian and I have been lucky enough to see two performances, Rumpelstiltskin and The Bremen Town Musicians. They travel all over the world, but call our little town of Truro their home.

August 26, 2009


Is there anything better for a child's soul (or anyone's soul for that matter) than the great outdoors? For those of you whom are lucky enough to live close to one of Canada's beautiful National Parks, go visit it!

August 18, 2009


There is nothing like a cold sprinkler on a hot day!

August 10, 2009


I wonder when exactly in our lives it becomes more appealing to sit and watch then to get up and play? I am going to make more of an effort to get up and play!

August 9, 2009

Another web site

I would love to make a bunch of these around Halloween and paint them to look like Jack-o-lanterns!

August 4, 2009


"For crafty and creative people, dedicated to all things handmade. Talk Crafty To Me, is a place to share the things that inspire me to break out the glue gun and the glitter. Distinctive, original, lovingly crafted, handmade products full of style. "


For most of my life I have lived miles and miles away from my Grandmother. Now that I am an adult with a child of my own I find myself so blessed to live a few streets away from this amazing woman. Not only has she raised ten of her own children but has a hand in the upbringing of most of her 23 grandchildren. It seems to me that there is very little this woman can not do, she is not nicknamed "Amazing Grace" for no reason. She is a constant inspiration in the kitchen, in the garden, at the sewing table, with a set of knitting needles, and when it comes to the growth of our children. This diaper stacker was our latest endeavour, made without a pattern or directions!

August 2, 2009

Felt Food

My wonderful friend and I made our wee ones felt food about two years back and it's still a favorite in our house.

Mama Blessing

I just wanted to post a picture of the beautiful paper lanters my sister and I amde for my Mama Blessing.

We simply decorated paper bags, filled the bottoms with sand and put a tea light inside.

Valery Gore

I was lucky enough to see Valery Gore preform in a church where I live. Beautiful, talented, amazing young woman!


I stumbled upon this website during one of my random wanderings on the net.
I think it looks interesting.