July 28, 2011


I have been attending la leche league meetings for a few months now and our last meeting was about breast feeding and nutrition. I have to admit I didn't really feel like there was going to be a lot for me to take away or to contribute to our discussion as Kai is almost two (gasp!) and only breast feeding a few times a day, so I am not that conscious of what I eat in regard to breast feeding, I even drink occasionally. The topic of conversation turned to nutrition for the whole family and we had a nice discussion about some of our favorite family foods. i was surprised to find myself returning to the conversation, in my mind, over the next few days. My inspiration has taken the form of homemade yogurt,

slow cooker blueberry applesauce (or as Kai calls it Seasauce),

and homemade cheese spread.

I find it interesting how sometimes inspiration can take it's own sweet time to sink in.

July 3, 2011


First for Ian

First of the Season

First jam

First Harvest


I don't know who lived in this house, or if was even livable anymore but it always makes me feel sad to see a home torn down. It feels like all the memories are being let lose into the atmosphere.