September 26, 2011

It's not just a cupcake...

it's a way of life!

Quote of the Day

"Want a bananapacock Mama!"


He didn't win a race, or get a smartest kid in the world award, he was called "kind". I went to pick "the big boys" up from school today and the lunch time supervisor came over to tell me how Ian had helped a friend open and sort out his kunch when he was having trouble. She told me he was so patient and sweet. For me, as mom, these moments fill me with pride and help me to remember that these little people I call my children may not be the image I held in my head of who I though they would be; they are better!

September 1, 2011

The Return of Routine...

I have been trying to get Ian back in the habit of getting dressed before noon, and in bed before 9pm, in the spirit of a smoother transition back to school. I found this site with four different morning and bed time routine reminders. We have been using ours quite successfully. Ian likes that he can use the dry erase markers on the glass of the picture frame.

In the Kitchen

As per my previous post I have been hard at it in the kitchen experimenting with crackers and making preserves. I found a great recipe for cheddar nippers on all, the kids gobbled them up.

I have had a huge success with jalapenos this year so I jarred some using this recipe.

Next up, salsa and my favorite, dill pickles. Happy cooking!

Photos of the Month