April 26, 2011

Parenting Books

I have found some very useful information in all three of these books, and I can honestly say I am a much better parent, and maybe even a better person, because of them all. Sometimes when reading parenting books, though, I get an impending sense of doom. Is it even possible to raise a caring, compassionate, creative, competent person these days? Our kids are bombarded with images of materialism, sexism, and violence. I try to monitor what goes into my little people, because I believe it has a direct result on what comes out, but I remember being the kids that wasn't allowed to watch the movies all the other kids watched, or stay out late like all the other teens and I was miserable. Some days it feels like being a parent is a losing battle, but it's still worth every single fight!

April 21, 2011


I have been slacking on this blog as of late, with so many other things going on (Welcome Wagon Baby Shower, Meet-the-Doula night, the flu, house sitting, the flu again...) but I wanted to take a minute to note some milestones.
Ian is reading!
On his report card he got ALL "consistently demonstrates"
Adam and Ian continue to go to Beavers together, there has been a litter pick up evening, a pirate night, a environment night, and next week there will be a sleepover.

Kai is feeding himself, helping to "clean up," moving chairs to the counter to "help," shaking his head yes and no, following directions, when he wants to, having full out temper tantrums.
Kai can sign milk, sleepy, down, all done, hungry, bath, banana, more, baby, and dirty, kitty.
Kain can say dado baba (thank you), night night, NO, kitty, dirty, blalalala (banana), Nana, bapa (grandpa), Mama, mommy, Dada, and baby.

Quote of the Day

Most times my "Quote of the day" is something funny my big kiddo has said, but the other day he was so sweet I just can't resist. I was in bed with the flu and his Dad had made scrambles eggs for breakfast "Should I get mom for her breakfast?"
"No, buddy she's sick, we're going to let her sleep."
"Are you sure Dad, eggs are her favorite breakfast!"
I was so surprised he knew me well enough to know my favorite breakfast.

Quote of the Day

"I think Mrs.________ mush have a baby or something."
"What makes you think that?"
"She has REALLY big nipples!"
"How do you know how big her nipples are?"
"well, I don't know exactly how big they are but the stick out, like bumps, from her shirt."
"Sometimes when people are cold their nipples do that."
"Well, she must have had a cold for a loooong time because her nipples have been like that forever!"

April 17, 2011

Why why why?

Why do kids need fruit "flavoured" snacks? If they like the flavour of fruit why don't we just feed them FRUIT?

April 13, 2011

Remember when your mom use to say "there's just not enough hours in the day"?

I use to think that was such a "mom" thing to say, and turns out it is!
Sometimes I wonder how people have time to sit down and have a meal together, get outside and get some exercise, read, learn, craft, stay on top of house workand so on and on and on. It seems like in order to have a "balanced" life style you have to run around like a chichen with your head cut off