January 4, 2011

The End of Christmas Vacation

While most of the other parents are jumping for joy at the prospect of sending their kids back to school after two weeks of routinelessness chaos, I sit here in my jammies full of melancholy. I will admit that Ian has been particularly full of energy these days, (he was still bouncing off the walls after a 2.5k hike up a mountain), the containment of the house due to Nova Scotia winter wonderlands has been hard on us all. Still I am not completely convinced that public school is the best option. I wonder if any other parents or staff involved in the school share the same morals as our family does? In comparison I am an over protective mom, who “blow[s] things out of proportion.” Does no one else worry about the moral of our children? Am I the only one who is concerned about teaching ethics, or the state of the next generation? The media that is considered acceptable for a five year old amazes me, and offers an explanation as to why one child threatens to kill another without consequence. I guess this is the part where you let them go and hope like hell you have done a adequate job of teaching them right from wrong, I just didn’t expect to come to this element of parenting so soon.

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