June 30, 2010

Journal Entry #2 It Makes Me Smile.....

Ian's curls
Arrested Development
Random acts of kindness so often bestowed upon us by my in-laws
Flea Market Finds
Live Clean Baby Wash
Baby Kai's sweet cheeks (top and bottom)

Random text messages from my sister
Mac and cheese (or fish casserole, or over night rolls, or just about anything) made by my Grandma
Clean sheets that have been hung on the line
When my big boy makes my little boy hysterical with laughter
Cooking (and eating) something amazing
A juicy work of fiction (preferably from the Outlander series)
When my husband tries to tell me some fact from "Adam's Big Book of Lies"

When 20 or so of us gather at my Grandparents house to play ring toss and eat
Good Coffee
MY mom
Adam Singing
Retro fabric
Sunny Saturdays
Thin and fast laptops
MSN conversations with my drunk best friend from the other side of the world
Nursing baby gymnastics

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