May 19, 2010

Advocating for Birth Rights

In November of 2006 the Midwifery Act was passed here in Nova Scotia, and finally last year it was put into effect. Both of my boys were delivered by midwives, and I would have it NO other way! Anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about birth. Passionate enough to travel over two hours each way (uphill, with only my pajamas on, in the snow haha) for each prenatal care appointment and the two hours while in labour just to see my midwives. I strongly believe that the way we birth impacts how we see ourselves as parents, and how we see ourselves as parents impacts how we raise our children, and how we raise our children impacts who they become, and who they become impacts the fate of this world. Are we raising confident, compassionate souls, or will the years and years of war, greed and killing rage on? There is so much suffering, violence and politics in this world, bringing forth a baby should be one of the times and places in our lives that are free from those things. I very very strongly believe the midwifery care provides that safe, respected, sacred environment where women can birth with confidence. We have lost our way, here in North America. We have become a region of fear, of interventions and invasive procedures, of unnecessary surgery, and in the process we have lost the trust in our bodies, lost the trust in the process and lost the right to marvel in the miracle that is birth. The first step to getting back to that place of confidence, and faith is to support and advocate for those wonderful midwives who dedicate their lives to providing us with peaceful births. We, as women and families, need to insist to our governments on having the right to chose midwifery care! If you are having a baby, or someone you know is having a baby, or someone you know might someday have a baby, please write to your local government and advocate for midwives!

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